14 May 2012

Faces #9 and #10 - "Only" 19 Left To Go

Two more faces to contribute to the challenge! I do love them all, but being a child of the 60's I would have to say the inspiration from the 1967 poster by San Francisco (resident Filmore) artist Bonnie MacLean has to be my favorite so far. As i plan to finish these 15 minute sketches with the application of color, i am making notes and recording my thoughts along the way!

So far, it's been GREAT FUN!! 

When i added the little "strokes" around this pretty girl, i wasn't sure what they were and i didn't really concern myself with it, at the time. A day or two later it came to me ~ she is radiating ENERGY. The energy of the COSMOS. Which is just more fodder for my notes, as i want to remember what each face brought to me, as i drew them :)