21 March 2011

new addiction: tape

If I could point a finger (of thanks), it would be towards two lovely "art journalists" whom I've been excited about for several years: Juliana Coles and Kelly Kilmer! Lucky for us they are both Artist/Instructors so please check their websites for *tons* of inspiration and workshops.

Over the years, they've both shared their love of paper tape, masking tape also known as deco tape, washi tape and I recently found the idea QUITE impossible to resist... now that I've finally started art journaling myself AND ALL THAT THAT IMPLIES (more supplies, new techniques, learn, learn, LEARN!) I'm very excited about it and although my output is fairly low, I will share some of it very soon.

I also highly recommend the various NING communities as well for prompts, resonably priced classes, message boards, galleries and shared techniques.

Sources (S+H extra):


Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks for the kind words!! Sorry for getting you addicted. ;)
I also have a link on my blog where I list various tape vendors. All of the etsy vendors are ones that I have personally bought from and recommend. :)

Janet Keen said...

I am addicted to art making so its fine. Cheers janet