11 August 2010

Creating a Brand...

New Etsy Header

... and hopefully a following!

I'm so lucky to have a very dear friend like Michelle, who is a brand consultant & marketing and social media strategist ~ giving me advice these days! Check out her website here.

In addition to stressing the importance of daily "tweets" (check it), she has always stressed the importance of "continuity" as I began to market my handmade jewelry business (she even had a hand in sparking the flame by gifting me with some of her amazing beads & gemstones last fall!)
This aspect has had me completely STUMPED for 6 months and I feel as though I've finally had a breakthrough.
The problem. What to name my business:

- email: cookievf
- flickr: cookievf
- twitter: cookievf
- ebay: vickstress (not selling there)
- etsy: vickstress for continuity.. 4 YRS AGO, when i was just a b-u-y-e-r!
- blog: beautyofthegarden
Ever the goal:
  • Create a clear message
  • Convey accurate representation
  • Convey the need for your product/service - or make it beautiful and impossible to resist =D
  • Convey QUALITY
  • Make it easy to remember, so potential customers can find you!

The solution:

As I am still in the very early stages, I've decided NOT to give the business a name, therefore avoiding having to create a new etsy shop & set up a special FB page, etc... I have decided to simply use my given name. Sounds easy, but "WHEW!" what a relief now that the decision process is finally over.

For continuity sake, I added my name to my flickr account and created a business card ands etsy header with a similar theme. It's a beginning! Now I am making earring cards to better display my jewelry and working on blog ideas....... gotta run!

New Business Card

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Silly me! Now I know who you are! Thanks for the recent convo and good luck with your store! I, too, am going through a period of "rebranding" if you will and it's tough to decide which way to go.....love the card!