02 March 2010

I am back to more scanning/restoration of treasured family and ancestor pics. here's one from yesterday..

Treasure found! - I always WISHED I could find a pic of my parents dancing, and surprise! Both of them were "clear-the-floor" ballroom dancers in their day. An accomplished gymnast, Dad taught dance at sumer camp in Maine when he was only 19 years old. He also taught square dancing in the philadelphia area throughout my childhood. Mom, 86, recently told me there was NO WAY she was going to marry a man who couldn't dance ~ and boy, did he have the moves!! ♥


L~ said...

hi! I popped over from your comment on my blog - which btw made me tear up!! lol couple of saps I think...AND now here I am at your blog tearing up at the story of your parents, they don't quite make people like the used to, do they, incredible sounding folks!!

trisha too said...

that is a FANTASTIC photograph!!