23 November 2009

METHAPHOR - Brooklyn Bridge

"going home" final
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(Orig photo here.) Another assignment from this month's "Point & Shoot Journaling" class. We were instructed to go out and take as many photos as we can, shooting everything that appeals to our eye! Then, in hindsight, to locate a photograph that represented a METAPHOR for something else that was going on in our lives.

I had SUCH A STRONG PULL to use this photo taken in September, that I postponed the "go out and shoot" aspect for another day.

Backstory: The SECOND I began my trek across this engineering marvel, an overwhelming feeling swept over me that I had been here before & that I had come home. And it's not a NEW feeling for me in this great city. As for so many of us, a place can hold special meaning with no obvious explanation.

I don't question it for A SECOND.

It was a day that I'd been waiting for all my life!

- Some of things I used on my photo were tissue paper, oil pastels, white gesso, ZIG .5mm waterproof marker.

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Valerie A. Heck said...

I love the image of the bridge, nice post.