25 October 2009

Stretching Myself

For October, I am signed up for the first month of LK Ludwig's (online) POINT AND SHOOT journaling class. In the past I'd visited her blog and became even more intrigued when I purchased her book "True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling." Then you can imagine my reaction when I learned that she would be teaching an e-course!

LK is offering 31 days of inspirational techniqes, instruction and prompts. There are over 80 members signed up for the 1st month who hail from all over the globe. Here's a small sampling:

- longmont, colorado, usa
- georgia, usa
- winchester, england
- seatlle, wash, usa
- esperance, western australia
- portland, oregon, usa
- somewhere in belgium
- southern california, usa
- montreal, canada
- frederick, maryland, usa
- Brussels, Belgium
- idaho falls, idaho, usa
- erie, pennsylvanis, usa
- altamont, new york, usa
- lethbridge, alberta, canada
- near wellington, new zealand
- london, england

As I begin to dig down into the THOUSANDS of images I have stored on my computer, my teacher says I will be revisitng "notes from my super-creative, subconscious self." We will be adding our own thoughts & experiences as well as quotations & poems plus painting, scratching, coloring and who-knows-what!

So far, I am extremely pleased with the content of this course and highly recommend it. And I promise - pics and W-I-P to follow!

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Lumilyon said...

This sounds intriguing! Off to check it out. thanks for stopping by my blog x