18 September 2009

adopt don't shop

"The greatness of a nation
and its moral progress can be judged
by the way its animals are treated."
- Gandhi

Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day! If you live near any of the locations, listed below, please attend one of these important events. This organization's goal is to provide a voice for the thousands of dogs that remain in puppy mills around the country that are waiting for a hero. While public awareness has drastically increased over the past few years there's still a long way to go!!

Today we can all help by celebrating and supporting rescue, adopting a shelter or puppy mill dog and do our part to increase awareness to the cruelty within the mills.




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a painter said...


Thanks for visiting by blog. No stranger to riding around where you live--have lots of photos of Bull Bridge, Cornwall, love to go to Millertown, NY and the NY border. We live near New Haven.

Have been altering art for years and years--see that you do that, too.

I read a bit of your blog and hope your mom is okay and still with you.

Your blog is eclectic like mine. We both seem to love nature and the camera. I love birds, too, so that nest in your blog was a treat!

Stop by my blog again. And please---show your fall photos on your blog!

Helen DollzandThingZ