04 July 2009

Parades, Picnics & Pyrotechnics

Early morning on the 4th of July, my brother and I would race through breakfast to decorate our bicycles on the back patio with red-white-and-blue crepe paper. We'd tape little flags to our handlebars and, for sound effects, attach a pair of playing cards to the spokes of our front and back wheels with WOODEN CLOTHESPINS!

1962 - ages 10 & 7
We couldn't wait to ride at the back of our tiny (pop. 5,000) hometown parade down "main street!" Our parents and all of the neighbors would bring folding chairs, sit at the top of our street and wave excitedly as we rode by. What a festive sight ~ I can still hear the fire engines!

Anytown, USA

Afterwards, the entire town would follow the parade to the park for hot dogs, soda and all the fixins. A band would be playing, lots of laughter and good times as we eagerly anticipated family gatherings followed by FIREWORKS!

Back at home, mom & dad would begin to pack the car as we grabbed our suits to meet up with friends at the pool and yes, you guessed it, later we'd have a picnic spread out in the grass.

And the BEST PART: driving to Philadelphia with a box of sparklers, taking the long walk to the schoolgrounds with thousands of others to eat ice cream and watch the pyrotechnics!

Happy Birthday, America!

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