10 June 2009

Be Open To Collaborations

- because they can be pure magic!


Last fall I was spending alot more time on Ning than I have been lately. I joined Suzi Blu and though I hadn't signed up for a class, I created a profile, met lots of great people and discovered several spin-off NING groups as well, to name a few. The BEST thing to come out of that experience was linking up with 3 other local MM artists within an hours drive from my home!

At our first PLAY DATE Susan did all the prep work, supplied the mat board and three 20-page signatures as well as an instruction sheet with resources as a take-away! We had so much fun and this is the result.

Part II

with Charlotte Hedlund
Saturday, June 13, 10:00am-4:00pm

"You don’t have to be an artist to keep an art journal! You don’t have to be an artist to keep an art journal! Words and images combine in ways that express our creativity unselfconsciously. Investigate things that inspire, work out ideas, and play with colors, shapes and textures. Art journals allow us to organize memorabilia, record dreams, feelings, travels, nature’s wonders, simple pleasures and major life events. It is the place to explore our creative selves, gaining new insights and making unexpected connections. Supportively we will explore ideas for getting started, discuss the pursuit of images and how to overcome creative block, and the need for creative solitude. We will use collage, paints, markers, stamping, printing, doodling, stitching, and more to decorate and embellish the pages of our journals. Art journal examples will be on hand to provide inspiration, and ways to make your own simple journals will be demonstrated.
Member $165 • Non-Members $190Plus a Materials Fee of $5"

Part III

My best friend has a lovely Hair Salon in town and has created a beautiful nursey in the back of the salon each summer. She had her second annual Plant Sale this year and I was happy to help her create the invitations and all of the identifying plant signs. As a thank you, she gifted me with 12 hours of class instruction at the Brookfield Craft Center! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and lucky me!

... can't wait to get started!

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