08 April 2009

Wonderful Book Art

Still a work-in-progress, the cover is always so much fun to make! We made a mini book by covering cardboard with torn (vintage) book pages that were inked, distressed & glazed. Created a cover design on the computer, printed and then cut it out. A large, decorative brad was used for the "doorknob" and a leather strip to secure it. A "hinge" was created on the inside by linking the two covers with a piece of card stock. The inside describes what it means to have a raven as your totem. "Healing" was the part we liked the best and "moving from the dark into the light."

- upper left corner is made with mesh from a vegetable bag.

- lower right corner was made from black foil from a wine bottle.

Making a mess is a pre-requisite, it seems. Cleaning up.. not so much!!!

l-o-v-e taking pictures of children's hands!

- Distressing a piece of striped, green paper we added for the "end papers."

- stamping foam letter stamps on our tag book and then embossing in Diamond Black.

"Let's make more!"


Aimeslee said...

What fun! So glad you got to spend creative time together. She seems to be very very detailed and neat. Hope y'all have a blessed Easter! xoxo

stellarfauna said...

I just love how this turned out. Your blog looks like it has a beautiful wealth of great resources... I might as well leave it open for as much exploring as I'm wanting to do now!

Thanks for adding me back on ning & I can't wait to see more of your work pop up in the group.

:) Erin