25 October 2008


pic taken from the Music Pier

I recently posted in a forum that I want to start working on a "personal reflection" journal, though I've never made anything like this before. If I could share, for other first-timers, the one thing that has helped me to get started - it would be to do some real soulsearching and come up with a particular subject that brings up E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S! ... and you will see how quickly the excitement and the IDEAS begin to flow.

scott & me - 1958

Yes, there was a lightbulb moment for me because I am currently in the process of assembling a collection of photos on flickr, in a set titled "Ocean City Memories." When complete, it will span FIVE DECADES of happy times with family and friends at this popular south jersey beach resort!

Another great idea, to help get you started, would be to create a "techniques journal" or altered book like my friend Eileen Grobeck (cookala) has been working on over at flickr. Link to her project here.

I will post the progress here along with any special techniques I've used. I also plan to post the books, blogs, posts and people (starting with Eileen) who have inspired this "maiden voyage WITHIN." (could be a title lurking in there somewhere!)

THE BACKSTORY: "Beginning in the late 19th century, my great-grandparents and other relatives, had summer homes in nearby, Margate.

Google "Lucy the Elephant" to see a grand example of their Victorian era memories of that town!


a vintage beach scene

Two tidbits. (1) Twenty years after the fact, my parents learned that they played in the sand as children on the same beach at 2nd street. And (2) not only did my uncle meet my aunt on the boardwalk as a teenager, my brother met my sister-in-law when they stayed with friends at the same rooming house... 32 years ago (and counting)!

The tradition continues to this day with my (5th generation) nephews who STILL spend a few days each summer with my brother in August!

Something tells me, god willing, they'll be bringing THEIR children here!"

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