28 September 2008

freehand freedom - my journey

It was Feb '08 that I went out and purchased a sketchbook and this is one of my first attempts! I just created a new Flickr set of the same name tonight because I started to sketch again, slowly but surely, and I'm very excited about it and anxious to continue!

I come from an artistic family ~

- my father snapped and developed several BOXES of photos as a youth, beginning in 1936 at 16 years old and continued throughout his entire life! Well into his eighties he submitted a brand new series of photos called "From the Forest Floor" for juried review at Mount Snow, VT's "Art On The Mountain." Even though he was turned down, dad never stopped believing in his abilities and continued adding to this collection!
- he also took oil painting classes from my mom's step father. One of my favorite winter landscapes hangs in my living room!
- my father's father drew several, professionally framed, pen & ink drawings at the turn of the LAST century. Four of them grace my walls.
- my father's sister, now 92, is an accomplished (hobby) painter & pastel artist.
- my mother's mother's father was a "decorative painter" of furniture. Just this year I located a copy of the 1880 census which lists that as his profession at 17! Many years later, he started a successful furniture finishing business (stains, lacquers, varnishes, etc) that is still in business today, 133 years later. QUITE an accomplishment! After a quick search, I found the company website tonight! ...where you can read about the history (Est 1875).

I have always had an artistic soul yet, of all the many things my parents exposed me to, photography is the only form of art that I pursued into adulthood. In my tweens & teens I had a solid feeling for lettering and perspective and I am grateful for my father's influence. It came to me quite naturally and, although I dabbled briefly in ballet, poetry, acting and drawing, nothing ever really took hold of my attention and HELD IT. I've had the opportunity to develop an eye for composition, detail, negative space, line, texture, color and observation as a result of my 25 year love affair with photography. The next brick in the foundation was when I learned about rubberstamping and cardmaking 10 years ago. I've been enamored with Paper Art ever since!You can only imagine the THRILL I felt when I discovered mixed media collage in April 2006. Thanks to the internet, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of artistic expression, and since then I have grown both artistically and personally in SO MANY WAYS. After 2.5 years, I feel as if I am still at the beginning of a very precious journey!

Thank you for sharing it with me! - xo


mcdc3s said...

Get to doodling!
I love my art journals... they are addicting. They are (as you will find out...) full of secrets and wonderful expressions. xxx

Alberta and Ava said...

Hi Cookie,
I've been browsing your blog after coming over from Flickr, where you commented on one of my collages, and I want to tell you 4 things:

1. I LOVE you blog.
2. We have a lot in common including so many of the same favorite movies.
3. One real important thing we have in common is that both loves of our lives had prostate cancer. My husband has been cancer free for 6 yrs. after being diagnosed at the young age of 45. we had some terrifying times, especially after one faulty test that indicated that the cancer had not only returned, but was in his lymph nodes, and therefore incurable. But the test was wrong and he is fine, and I still have him andI'm so thankful.
4. I am praying for your husband, and, if you ever get scared and need to be strong for him, you can e-mail me (katherinemccullen@yahoo.com) and I will call you or e-mail you or come sit with you if you need me! It can be so frightening late at night, when you're awake alone, but I have the utmost faith that your husband will heal, and you will enjoy a long life of happiness together.


miz katie said...

Hi Cookie! It's nice to meet you!! :) I'm going to add your blog to my google reader, so I can keep up with your entries. Yay!

Thanks for reminding me I never finished the Thimble and Thread book. heehee I started it just before I moved my studio to a larger room in my house. Everything has been a crazy mess for weeks, and I sorta forgot about the book until I saw your comment. So, I got the spiral binding finished yesterday.

I think I'm going to put it in my etsy shop soon. I'll probably make copies of it for prints on chipboard, and possibly other smaller books soon.