10 May 2008

All I am I owe to my mother

Cradling her babies in a soft embrace

Rocking them to sleep

The epitome of serenity and grace

She is my mother

Fairytales & princesses

Elves and toads and gnomes

Lullabys and kisses

That was my childhood

A loving wife for 60 years

Positive, loving and strong

Raised her children to have no fears

She is my hero


Aimeslee said...

What a totally awesome photo of you two! Maybe it's a good omen or it means we're good to be friends, because I got a similarly awesome photo of me and Missy framed as my gift Sunday. Good photos that love the love are so precious.

Ashish said...
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cookie said...

What a beautiful picture and a very sweet post. It's been a whilc since I stopped by. I'm glad I saw this one.


Joseph Pulikotil said...


Mothers always have a very close and special relationship with their children.

Mothers are always there for their children and are ready to make any sacrifice for their welfare.

The care they take and the affection they shower on their children is beyond comprehension and unfathomable.

Any amount of thanks will not compensate for their pure love.

Greetings and good wishes!

Paula said...

What a lovely photo. This brings tears to my eyes as I remember my grandmother. Lovely.