14 March 2008

little old cardmaker..

...that's me! It's hard to believe that 12 years have passed since I discovered the wonderful world of Rubber Stamping & Cardmaking! Paper Art was, and still is, my very first love.

In 1996, one of my co-workers was fairly excited to tell me about a new hobby she'd discovered after attending a Creative Memories party. I have to admit, I became curious when she said her dad had to build a special set of shelves to house her growing stamp collection!

A few days later, she arrived at the office with two HUGE plastic tubs that were filled to the brim with markers, ink, scissors, paper and stamps galore! It was truly love-at-first-sight and marked the beginning of a very special journey!

Since then I have discovered more art than I've ever dreamed of including but not limited to: fat books, skinny books, round robins, swaps, trades, journals, altered playing cards, tins, matchboxes, books, CDs and cabinet cards, bookbinding, assemblage, mail art, ATCs, and mixed media collage. But, more important than all of this combined ~ I discovered YOU! The warm, generous people who have filled my life and my heart to o.v.e.r.f.l.o.w.i.n.g! I am richer for it. I am blessed. Thank you! - xo

"one fine morning" 02/08

print made from an original ATC, glazed, matted and 3-D mounted over mesh,
silk ribbon, vellum and cardstock, edged in gold-leaf


Michelle said...

Isn't art fabulous??

Anonymous said...

Its fabulous, love it.

Aimeslee said...

That;s so pretty, Vic. Great to hear from ya, have a green Monday. ;-) xoxo

Lisa Renéa said...

It was fabulous to see your post on my blog yesterday! Missed ya! I was short on time, so I had to come back today, visit and linger! Love your post! It is amazing to me all the art that stamping introduced me to. I've kept scrapbooks for over 25 years..but stamping truly opened my eyes. btw==this card is SO beautiful.
It flows, kwim?

vintage wil said...

Beautiful great color!!!

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Re: - vicki xo
(aka "IVQ2CM" Iced Venti Quad 2-pump Caramel Macchiato)

Ha Ha Ha! You dare mock the power of SPLENDA! hehe

What is this beverage you speak of ?????

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my site and especially for taking the time to leave such a kind comment! I used a plain old rubber blank, I think it was made by Speedball. I know my tool is a Speedball cutter, and I bought them both at Utrecht Art Supplies. It was very much like an old eraser, in fact a lot of folks make small stamps on erasers... cheap, easy to find, easy to cut! Your work is lovely, your cat is stunning! Thank you again, Kathy

carylsrealm said...

This is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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