16 November 2007

The Man Behind The Curtain

We began a MAJOR computer upgrade ~ today! Since my husband built my computer and is in the IT business, he is the "man behind the curtain" for the next couple of days. OUCH!

This is an optimum time as he is in the middle of a two week vacation. Just as he started to install my new operating system, we began to realize that this baby was on her last legs! Most importantly I was in the middle of backing up some very precious files when I started to get major "exception faults." First and foremost my HUGE ephemera collection was saved successfully. Now I have to worry about my photos and other documents. Wish me luck!

The main problem is compatibility at this point, since I was using Windows 98. So with any luck, the job should take a few days, a week at most.

Our goal is to get my email up first, then access to the internet. That will be followed by locating (purchasing?) and installing all of the rest of the drivers I'll need for my camer, printer, scanner, etc.



bockel24 said...

Major Exception Faults - ouch!! Hope you´ll be able to use all your stuff soon, good luck!

cookievf said...


I married a genius!

Since our 2 PCs are networked, we copied all of the most valuable files to the other PC for "insurance" purposes! Then DH re-formatted my C:drive. All went smoothly and Windows XP went in without a hitch this afternoon!

I have internet and email back in 24 hours but lots more to go:

Video card
Sound card
Camera software

No art or photos until then!

- xo

Mandi said...

computers are a real pain...i have a right old love-hate relationship with mine..